14 Ways to access blocked websites in schools/collages /offices

In many collages schools and offices, the management use to block many social networking and useful websites due to various reasons. Even our favorite sites like FACEBOOK, TWITTER, G MAIL, MYSPACE, HI5, and FREINDSTER are getting blocked these days. This article will let you know about the all possible ways to unblock websites on internet so that you can access the blocked websites easily. By using the below mentioned tricks you can unblock and open almost any websites on internet.

14 ways to access blocked websites


1. Proxy websites to access blocked websites

Proxy websites are nothing but of online proxy servers, Instead of directly connecting to the websites that are blocked at your place, you will first connect to a Proxy server and it will redirect to the blocked website and you can access them easily.
There are many proxy websites available on internet, I can give you a huge list of them. But these are most widely used online proxies.
Check our Latest Post on Proxy list
  1. http://www.hidemyass.com
  2. http://www.spysurfing.com
  3. http://kproxy.com/index.jsp
  4. http://proxify.com/
  5. http://www.proxymouse.com

How to open blocked websites using Hidemyass,

  First goto HIDEMYASS website.Enter the URL of the blocked website in the input Box and click on the button HIDEMYASS. Instantly it will show the blocked website.
You can use this simple method to access all the static websites and can access them quite easily, IF even HIDEMYASS website is blocked in your collage, school or office just pick any other proxy website from the above list it will work fine.

2. Use Tor Browser to surf anonymously to open blocked sites.

Using the above method you can only access the static websites, you can’t use social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, MYSPACE…etc. because social networking sites uses browser to store cookies and that can’t be possible by using these Proxy websites. So, here is an alternate way


Using TOR  you can browse anonymously on internet. Its most widely used utility for hiding our identity online. Just Download it from the below link and start using it

3. Hola browser extension to Unblock websites.

Hola is Browser extension available for all popular browsers, by using this extension you can browse on internet anonymously. Just check the official website of HOLA and install the browser extensions directly from there.

4. Use Proxy IP address in browser settings.

Few of the browsers supports to use the PROXY IP address in them. So that if you can surf anonymous using them. To use this you need Mozilla fire fox web browser and Proxy Ip address. You can get the huge list of Proxy websites from HERE.
In your Mozilla Firefox browser open the OPTIONS box and click on ADVANCED. Below the CONNECTIONS select SETTINGS. Click on MANUAL PROXY SETTINGS and enter the PROXY IP address (click HERE for PROXY IP address list), Port 8080 there and save settings. With this your browser will surf using that proxy ip address. You can pick and change the other Proxy IP address if that’s not working.

5. Access Blocked websites by Using Way Back Machine.

WayBackMachine is a through which we can know about the previous Look of any website from its archives. Enter the URL of the blocked website and you can even access the previous versions of the website that are blocked at your Place.

6. Use IP address instead of domain name

Collages/schools and websites normally block websites using some software’s in which they enter URL’s of the Websites they need to block, so that whenever if you enter the domain name of any website they will simply get blocked. So you can access those websites if you enter the IP address of the websites


To find the IP address of the website just open  your command prompt on your Windows PC by pressing WIN+R > type CMD > hit ENTER. Now in the Command prompt just enter the following code.
Ping website.com (enter the blocked website in the place of website.com).
Now enter that IP address on your browser and you can access the BLOCKED websites.

7. Open Blocked sites using decimal code.

In the above method I asked you to use the IP address, but what if even the IP address of the website that you need open was also blocked??
By using the decimal numbers you can access any blocked websites, because none will even block the IP address in decimal. To get the decimal code of IP address using THIS TOOL
For example IP address of google is you can use the decimal format instead HTTP://1249766560

8.  Take help of Google cache

Google store the cache of each and every website often. You can access the cache of any website using googles old CACHE. Just search for the BLOCKED website which you need to open and click on the CHACHE link below the search results as shown in the below screen shoot.

9. Using Translation web services

There are many website on the internet GOOGLE – TRANSLATE and BING – TRANSLATE like which will convert the whole page from one language to another. Enter the URL of the blocked website in those site and convert the web page into another language. From this you can convert the whole page into another language and can access it.

10. Browsing on HTTPS connection

HTTPS is nothing but of the secure connection, where data will be encrypted. This trick will work in many colleges and schools (This trick even worked in my Collage). Instead of using HTTP use HTTPS and try to access the website. For example you need to visit http://www.google.comthen try https://www.google.com and try to access the site.

11. Open blocked websites Using URL shortners

Normally URL shornters are used to shorten the length of the lengthy websites. By using such sites you can bypass the security and access the websites. Try using TINY URL MooURL

12. Get an email of the webpage using web2mail

Web2mail is a free site which will let you to get the mail of any webpage that you requested. Check the site for more details. You can get any blocked website as mail to you so that you can access them VIA your email.

13. Use VPN software’s and Unblock websites

VRN software’s will let you to browse anonymously, you just need to download and install them on your PC. There are both paid and free VPN software’s available. Here are 3 best VPN software’s that will allow you to unblock websites.

  1. HotspotShield VPN
  2. TunnelBear Vpn
  3. ProXPN VPN


14. Post Comment below

We will try to help your, Comment below and we will try to help your problem in unblocking websites.


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  2. 14 ways to tackle the blocked sites

  3. Thanks for your Comment

  4. Great tips. I use the torch browser which has the hola unblocker built in. Works great.

  5. Hey Max,

    Thanks for your comment mate, yeah useing HOLA extension is a great way yo unblock blocked websites :)

  6. could not work….
    give me solution on my id

  7. Hey bro,

    All the methods mentioned above are working fine. Try using Tor browser or Hola browser extension, it will work fine :)

  8. Can any one of them used for downloading.

  9. Yes bro you can even use these tricks to download stuff from blocked websites !

    What exactly you want to download ?
    and from where ?

  10. Very nice tricks to open a blocked website…thanks for sharing..keep the good works going:-)

  11. I m using Tor but it shows some massage that “3rd party can see ur content or something like that” so I am somewhat worried about that…is my IT can see my content & may be he will catch me. Any solution you have so i can access block web site & no one know about that even my IT guys…?????

  12. Bro,
    Let me know about the type of network you are on ! so that i can answer you.

  13. @ Pinkal – you can use hotspot sheild instead of TOR since is effective..

  14. plz help me school has blocked even hola surfing reply on ayush.mittal@rockemail.com

  15. not really facebook was mad for those poepl who wish to share thing with others and that was not limmited by any point of the imagination.

    Unblock Proxy

  16. I work in a high security area of my company and none of these tricks are working here. please help.

  17. Hey bro, Why use Tor instead it will work for sure :)

  18. Hey

    I am sure that you commented without checking all of them!
    They will work for sure, Using proxies can bypass most of the security blocks ! If you still have any problem, let me know on facebook so that i can help you —>www.fb.com/saicharan123

  19. Can any one of them used for downloading.
    Unblock Proxy

  20. everyone suggestion is not working in our office firewall and network. do you have a 15th suggestion?

  21. which trick is easy and also fast to get in to an site

  22. not working.. pls help

  23. Hey Nadia

    yea ! These Unblocking tricks can be even used to download your favorite stuff from blocked websites.

  24. hey MAT !

    If you have administrator rights on your office PC, then you can install any VPN proxy software or Tor browser to unblock blocked websites !
    i guess you haven’t tried all the methods posted.

  25. hey viji,

    i always prefer using Hola extension for browsers or try using Tor browser. They are easy but works in a effective manner !

  26. Dude, Let me know about the type of network you are it,
    Don’t forget to try all the methods i that I’ve mentioned in my post !

  27. my college uses fortiguard,none of ur tricks worked..

  28. Anonymous says:

    Hey!track ifet college

  29. every way which u have give are blocked

  30. Neeraj Chauhan says:

    Dear Cyberoam firewall used in our office, so we can’t access facebook here. Is there any proxy to bypass Cyberoam(hardware firewall)

    Neeraj Chauhan

  31. IN cmd prmpt tat WIN+R frmt is nt exist.wat can i do

  32. In cmd prmpt WIN+R option is nt exist.wat can i do

  33. Thanks for sharing such a lovely article on Open Blocked Sites…Very Nice….keep the Good works going..:-)

  34. Hi
    If these tricks did not work, try HOLA UNBLOCKER Google Chrome extension. Turn it On and see the magic.

  35. My company use Cyberoam,
    And they use addition some Other preventive methods.
    So I can’t use any of all ways here to access some blocked sites at my office.

    When I use extension such as: Hola, or stealthy, the website look like down, look like without internet (Error 130 (net::ERR_PROXY_CONNECTION_FAILED):

    What can I do now, Please give me a way. Tks

  36. Anonymous says:

    Dont thonk that YOu are too intelligent……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. idiot , , wheres the two of you,

  38. Hey bro !

    Cyberoam security can be Bypassed using Google Cache Tricks !

    Just search for the website that is blocked on Google and open the Cache of that website ! You can access this. Even in my Friends collage Cyberoam is being is used and this trick works fine to bypass cyberoam !

  39. Hey kettey !

    Glad that you liked my tricks on opening blocked websites !
    keep visiting

  40. Dear Sai Charan,
    Used google cache, and is don’t work:
    I received a message (Dear user,

    This is a message from the IT Department.

    The web site you are trying to access:
    is listed as a site within the category Facebook

    Current Internet Access Configuration for you does not allow visiting sites within this category at this time)

    In my office, The IT department use Cyberoam, plus other methods that can prevent Hola, Stealthy, TorBrowser…, I have installed hotspot shield, but it can not connect…

    Thanks, Please give any other good methods!

  41. Anonymous says:

    hola works awesome for my off proxy.

  42. how did you in torch browser?

  43. hello it is not working , i have tried all 14 ways . but any one sites does open

  44. Try an SSL secured web proxy .Click on my username and enjoy browsing:P

    P.S it has some special mechanism to prevent web filter like Cyberoam , Barracuda and many others from blocking the website.

  45. really i could not open blocked sites… is there any way to access it

  46. Anonymous says:

    @dude is there any way to download .avi format files which are blocked by server

  47. hai my frnd
    before i am using hotspot shield for access unblocked sites now hot spot shield wanted money can u access free sites for seeing unblocked sites

  48. my email is 143abhijith@gmail.com
    tor is not working in my computer.it is asking to configure atleast one service directory and virtual port. i didnot understand what is that. please help

  49. Yeah !

    Hola extensions works fine in many places to Unblock websites.

  50. I’ve mentioned all the working ways !

    Seems you haven’t tried all of the tricks that I’ve Mentioned. Try them once again and you can Unblock Websites anywhere !

  51. Thanks for your Comment :)

  52. Hey Peter !

    Try Hola Browser Extension, Tor browser and Proxies, you can bypass the the security and access the blocked websites :)

  53. What ! .avi files are Blocked by your server ? Strange !

    Try using Online Cloud websites like put.io which can convert the files on to other format and lets you to download those files

  54. Try Free VPN’s and Any of the tricks that i mentioned in this post ! They will work fine :)

  55. Have you Tried Tor Browser ? Its pretty easy to use. Give it a try :)

  56. In my office only those websites are opening that include “”mail”” in their name.
    Remaining all are blocked, what to do now…? Even google is not opening.

  57. Anonymous says:

    i worked beside system administrator and these tricks won’t work trust me.
    a normal system administrator must have block all these basic thing and log of proxy server is saved and can be monitored by gfi monitor and there is a tab which shows those users who are breaking rules by going on to block sites if some how they find a way to by pass security

  58. please help me
    i have open only gov.ment site so plzzzz help me how to open accecc denied site from gujarat mayur kandoliya my contact no.8485979908

  59. Anonymous says:

    No any one tool was use to open block website in my office

    Error: Network Access Message: The page cannot be displayed
    Technical Information (for support personnel)
    Error Code: 502 Proxy Error. The ISA Server denied the specified

  60. try https://www.mathcourse,net its not blocked other than this every proxy is blocked in my college.just give it a try because it has high ssl connection

  61. hi u have download the toor browsor andconnect to the internet in your office

  62. Anonymous says:

    no one sites help to access sites

  63. Hey dude,

    I’ve mentioned everything in this post. Just try those tricks one by one :)

  64. There are many Online Proxy websites, Its just one among them !

    Anyways Thanks for your comment. Keep visiting :)

  65. Just use a SSL protected web proxy to access blocked sites with ease.HTTPS makes its much harder to block.

  66. I want to download a game from a website blocked by proxy…how can i do that
    game size 7GB

  67. thanks :)

  68. You are welcome.

    Keep visiting

  69. Sorry, Cant get you ??

  70. Anonymous says:

    tq for the tips but do you any idea my keepvid won’t load using ultasurf

  71. How to access a FAMILY SAFTEY blocked website?

  72. use pd proxy its very cheap and reliable…its only 300 rs per month.if anyone needs it contact me at rajavikramanrs@gmail.com

  73. bro non of them worked for me :p
    Need more help -.-

  74. hi, What a great tip and tricks.

  75. Sai is there any program that i can instal on my flash drive and i can browse blocked pages from him? Best regards.

  76. none of the above trick worked bro..please help me..

  77. Hi there. I have tried absolutely everything on the internet to get past Watchquard.I hate it. It is way too smart. Can anyone help me get past it?

  78. great stuff….and now i can download songs and videos from my collage’s WiFi.
    Thank you for such a helpful article.

  79. I am not getting you ?
    Why you need to install it on a Flash drive ?
    Even though if you don’t have administration rights over a PC you can use Online Proxy websites which i have mentioned to access the blocked websites.

  80. Bro, I guess you are commenting without Trying all of them ! Try them again they will work :)

  81. I haven’t tried unblocking it, Will let you know soon after experimenting a bit on it :) Thanks for your comment

  82. Ohh good to hear that my article helped you in bypassing your Collage WiFi security and accessing the blocked websites. Keep visiting will post more interesting stuff

  83. Hello Raja,

    There are many Free Proxy websites and free VPN’s available on internet too :)

  84. Similar to above. Fortiguard uses category filtration it seems. The 1, 2 & 3 doesn’t work as it is categorized as “Proxy Avoidance”. Tried IP, Https, and the Decimals, but still, to no avail. Any 15th way?

  85. bro my college wifi is blocked by fortinet,,,,,,, i can’t access proxy sites, and none of the above sol’n worked, can u give any other alternative

  86. proxies are the most amazing websites ever made. these websites are really helpful. Thanks for sharing your views with us…

    you can also visit this site for another proxy site….


  87. my college uses fortiguard too, hotspot shield vpn bypasses it

  88. Hey, thanks for writing this article. I had Hotspot Shield before, for Hulu use at home, (I live outside the US). I didn’t know that you could use it to also bypass firewall-type filters like Fortiguard! I live in my college’s residence during the school week, and they just installed Fortiguard this week, I thought I was going to go insane due to extreme website-blocking. Thanks to this article, my sanity is saved, and I can go back to surfing the web restriction-free! THANK YOU!!!

  89. Thank you bro :)

  90. You re Welcome :)
    Comments like this make me to post more posts like this. Keep visiting :)

  91. yeah !
    Even i have mentioned few online proxy websites too :)

  92. You are welcome :)

  93. what about unblocking websites that have blocked directly via antivirus software installed on the machine (like using Sophos antivirus) i think they added the website NAME to the software to block it !?? any help ??

  94. thanks yar……………mast idea h boss


  96. hope u’ll cum up wid my solution!
    my fb is blocked thru quick heal antivirus n no proxy nthng wrks against dat :/

  97. Anonymous says:

    i uninstalled my torch by mistake now i use it by going to >applications>torch in my saved torch folder but it doesnot downloads anything and reports an error do i need to download the browser again

  98. Anonymous says:

    same here man…..pls help..

  99. i did all of it but all sites are blocked too .. :)

  100. If I want to Download the stuff like Torrents.. then wat shd be the settings of TOR i need to follow???

    Thanx in advance… :) :)


  101. how to use hola extension .. is that any special setting we have to do or smthng else?? i am using cyber roam in my office and it has best security system.

  102. Tor Workс…GREAT:))) I outwitted the IR department hahahaha

  103. This site helps in downloading the file but when i m installing the downloaded file it says software corrupt but not installing… so what to do for that … PLEASE HELP ME…

  104. hi … i have used hidemyass for blocked sites it works great but when i downloaded files it says software corrupted … what can i do now… one more thing i want to ask how to update system software if it is blocked by administrator???? please give me suggestion..

  105. Thanks I am an IT administrator and it helped alot I blocked all the possible ways of acessing .

  106. i want to access Skype online and my colleg network blocked it .. .!!!!
    how can i open it !
    i use the enternet by putting the port 8080 and ip please helpme :(
    Please contact me on kik or skype or line username samer967

  107. Sorry for the late reply
    Try to Chinese based VPN –> http://goo.gl/3AL3Eh
    in most cases it should be able to bypass the security of Cyber Roam :)

  108. HaHa bro !
    IF the users are wise enough then they can still bypass your Security and access the blocked websites :)

  109. 1. Try using TOR browser :)

    2. There are many ways Through which you can bypass the security of administrator just search for them on Google

  110. Bro to bypass the security of CyberRoam you should use a good VPN !
    Try to Chineese based VPN –> http://goo.gl/3AL3Eh to bypass the security of Cyber Roam

  111. Try VPN’s. Hola extension or anyother Proxies , It should work :)

  112. You are welcome brother 😀

  113. Use VPN’s / TOR browser of Hola browser extensions. It will work :)

  114. Just try all these ways, they will work fine brother :)


  116. I deal with my collage wifi service, this bullshit is blocked by the service named as cyber roam, tried all your 13 of tricks bt it wont work, i want to use many of restricted sites and specially torrent ones, plz help me bro, its screwing up alot deeper!!!
    waiting fr ur solution soon

  117. Mines Not working

  118. Anonymous says:

    I really like the trick where you Ping sites but what if the only message you are getting is request timed out?

  119. hi sai ,i face problem using tor after entering all ip adress ,ports,and also bridge then i select the connect button, and afterwards its shows “copy tor log to clipbroad” and these i cant understand,help me out with a possible solution as soon as possible,plz

  120. Hey, I was wondering if I used these ways to go to sites that was blocked at my school, will they be able to know that I’m doing that?

  121. All 14 methods is not working in my govt office so please give better solution to open block site…

  122. hey in my college even tor is also blocked so tell any browser which i cn use to download dats from torrents??

  123. Anonymous says:

    how can i see my FB message in office where FB is block.
    any solution pls…. exept above or give me some tool where i can see FB messages…

  124. my dad blocked the word “netflix” and therefore any website that uses the word netflix is now blocked and i have tried all of these methods and they were unsuccessful

  125. Bro my site blocked another site nw my site nt working plz any 1 hlp me

  126. Hello Naveen !

    You site blocked other Site ??
    Do you mean to say that your ISP has Blocked any website ?
    Post you comment on out Facebook Page, I will try to help you :)

  127. Try Hola Browser extension . That might work :)

  128. Try Using HOLA browser Extension or
    TOR browser That will work :)

  129. That Depends Upon the Their Security Level of your School, If they can track the activity of all the computers on your School. then they can figure it Out. If now you can Have FUN 😀

  130. Yeah I agree with you that the security administrator can monitor you. But Still if you wish to bypass the security you can use these Tricks :)

  131. Yeah
    Cyber Roam can be Bypass using this
    ——> http://goo.gl/3AL3Eh


  133. At my school, all of these websites, including tor, are blocked due to security.proxy categorization, so they can not be accessed. Any Tips?

  134. Anonymous says:

    how to use in ubuntu

  135. Anonymous says:

    Use Zenmate with chrome

  136. hi sir in my office no fb excess and i try all 14 step but unable to open fb

  137. https://www.o.o.facebook.com/
    Use free facebook when you are blocked… Enjoy yourself

  138. All 14 methods is not working in my collge.
    when i am trying to open blocked website it always shown message “The website you’re trying to access is currently denied.” like that.
    any one plz help me

  139. in my office our network admin restricted all sites by k7 and sonic wall. hola extensions is not working . plx tell me another way

  140. sorry bro i also used all of them but nothing is working in my university.

  141. This might work in few cases too,
    Thanks for the comment bro :)

  142. You are welcome,
    Glad that this post helped you in unblocking websites :)

  143. who knows a free proxy that works??????????????????

  144. hello, I’ve been trying to access blocked texts on these websites http://www.chakrasamvara.com/downloads.html

    as well as their forums. Any suggestions?

  145. nice post. i appreciate your helping post. i also have some useful tutorial about accessing block website on full speed without waisting bandwith. check my post plz



  146. nice one man

  147. facebook is blocked using squid program. how to access it?

  148. Anonymous says:

    no words for thanks buddy.

  149. Hey that 14 ways didn’t worked in my office pc…In all cases am not able access the blocked sites…in my office they are Fortiguard Web filtering…can u people have any other way to access the blocked sites???

  150. dude, the https doesn’t work.. its a best trick though

  151. My college is using Cyberoam to block websites…. What should I do???

  152. Hello Das,

    Try using this VPN –> http://goo.gl/3AL3Eh
    It can Bypass CuberRoam

  153. It works in only few cases and it even works fine in my collage 😀

  154. Tried using Online Proxy websites and Tor browser ?
    There are hell lot of Proxy websites, try them and you can access blocked websites using that

  155. Thanks a lot bro :)
    Keep visiting !

  156. Try using Hola browser extension or Proxies :)

  157. but what about the server is only blocking any *.exe download
    non of above method worked.

  158. Dear Sai,

    i am trying to do this 14 tips but my IT blocked how can bypass Facebook.

  159. none of these seemed to work i just want to check my email at school but it’s blocked by cyberoram

  160. Anonymous says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  161. Is anybody can tell me that how to create a free vpn account(step by step).?.

  162. javascript is not working through filter bypass. Any workarounds ?

  163. The best proxy website what i have seen is http://www.dellconnect.info to access blocked website :) we used to access our mails 😛 using this website 😛

  164. Anonymous says:

    how to hack quick heal internet security parental control password? plz help me admin

  165. Assalamu Alekum …Nadia Sister ,,Very Good Question ..nice …


  166. Anonymous says:

    Hey nice stuff.. Would the above options also work for lets say you can access a website but it blocks you from making comments on the message boards? Thanks.

  167. Download & install Tor Browser…u can bypass the security and access the blocked websites….m using this n itz a awesome stuff..

  168. hello sai charan
    can u help me to unblock cyberghostvpn

  169. Hi Dear Bro I am Haroon From AFG, Before i used Hotsopt sheild to access blocked sites in office but now they have blocked Hotsopt sheild and it is not connecting any more. I also have a little bit knowledge of hacking. I tried all Above methods and my own also but i faild please tell me if you have a better and accurate way

  170. Anonymous says:

    I tried the translate thing and it still doesn’t work the other things are blocked because 1 the school either blocked the sites or proxies and things like that or 2 we can’t download anything on our laptops

  171. Great Job bro. Tor Browser is working. But it does not work on sites blocked through router.

  172. Anonymous says:

    dude download ultrasurf as a zip file.. you can access all blocked site easily way…!!

  173. Anonymous says:

    My job has actually done the following:
    1) Blocked all access to proxy sites
    2) Blocked access to download Tor
    3) Blocked access to download Hola
    4) IP address is either blocked or comes up as an invalid URL(depending on the browser)
    5) Using the decimal method also fails
    6) Google catch fails
    7) Translate websites fail
    8) URL shortners fail

    Presently the only option I have not tried yet is to download a VPN client. All I’m really looking to do is listen to Pandora. I know we currently have Panda as our security. Any way around this?


  175. hello Vinay,

    To use social networking sites, you should make sure that your cookies are save while using the Online Proxy servers. You can try TOR browser or Hola browser extension for that :)

  176. Hello bro,

    Kindly trying using any VPN proxies, there are both Paid and free versions of VPN’s. you can try them out as your last trail :)

  177. hello Ramos,

    Gald that this post helped you to unblock websites :) Thanks for commenting

  178. hello,

    Try this out. Ask your friend to download TOR browser or hola extension from outside of your collage and then install in your laptops and try them to unblock websites :)

  179. Hotspot sheild is the one of the best Free VPN bro. May be they blocked it. You can try other Free VPN’s available on internet :)

  180. Hey Sushant,

    Thanks for stoping by and commenting on my blog :0 Keep visiting for more awesome stuff like this 😀

  181. Anonymous says:

    I got problem with tor nerwork setting. tell me how to solve that.

  182. Anonymous says:

    In my hostel, facebook is blocked n none of these methods r working for me.. Plz help..

  183. Anonymous says:

    Hi Dude.. I tried the above proxy websites but it is not working in windows server 2012..so give me some alternative solutions dude..

  184. i m using wifi of college . some sites are blocked . i want to get out of this shit . please help out.

  185. what happened if block sites open in office? get any notification on server or IT room?

  186. Anonymous says:

    how can i open porn sites. bcoz these sites blocked by administration.

  187. I can access any blocked content/sites via HotspotShield, plus this app is free, couldn’t be better!

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