3 ways to install Android Apps on windows 8

These days’ people are really going crazy behind Android apps. There are hell lot of games and applications available for android plat form which makes users to stick on to their mobiles. Even the people who don’t own a Android mobile are also showing interest to use android apps. If you are one among those who don’t own a Android mobile but Still want to use Android apps on Windows 8 or Android on windows 7, then this post will be very helpful to you.
Here is the Top 4 ways can be used to install Android apps on Windows operating systems…!

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1. Bluestacks to Install Android apps on windows 8

This one stands above all the remaining utilities that are used to install android apps on windows 8 or windows 7. This is a easy way to download android apps and install them instantly. You can simply search for the desired app and can install it.

Install Android apps on Windows  8 using Bluestacks

Follow the step by step procedure to install android apps on windows using Bluestacks
1. Click here to go to its official site. Click and download the setup file
2. Install the Bluestacks on your Windows 8 / Windows 7 operating system. After installing it you can notice that all the files with extension .apk in your PC can be automatically installed just by giving a double click on them.
This is how its look likes after installing it on your PC
3.  You can search for the application from the search box which and can install it after downloading. You can download and install any sort of applications using this bluestacks.

2. Android installer (Official one) for installing Android apps in windows

This is the official emulator to install Android apps on Windows 8 / Windows 7 operating systems provided by the developers of Android. This is also provided for all operating systems like MAC and linux

3. Youwave to Install Android apps in Windows 8

This is yet another interesting Utility to install android apps on Windows. This works fine for windows XP / 7/ 8 both 32 and 64 bit operating systems. This supports Ice cream sandwich version too. You can also play Multi player Android games using this.
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  1. kushal ravi says:

    This realy works fine.
    i tried bluestacks on my windows 8 laptop and its working quite good. now i am using watsapp on my pc using this. its even very esay to download and itstall aps and games using bluestacks

  2. Thanks for your Comment ravi :)
    Yes even i am using Watsapp on my PC using bluestack and its working fine

  3. Hi Sai,

    You have done a good job. I got really good information on how to install android applications on Windows 8 operating system. I have gone through all the steps mentioned here, and it is working just perfect. I really appreciate your research work and efforts in presenting this article.

  4. Hey Todd,

    Glad that this post help you. Bulestack is my favurite one and i am using it now on my Windows 8, it even works fine on windows 7.

    Thanks for your Comment :)

  5. I installed setup file from official site but setup file can’t be installed. What would be i do.please mail me the info. about it why this file can’t be installed

  6. Can i Play Temple run2 Game in My PC

    Please Answer ME ?

  7. yes Vinodh, even you can play Temple 2 on your windows Machine using Bluestack.

  8. can i play temple 2 i have windows 8 32 bit and very old grafhics card

  9. Yes buddy, u can play temple run in it :)
    Just give a try and i hope u wont face any problem with it :)

  10. Anonymous says:

    bro it showing that ‘the application require atleast 2gb of physical memory’
    i have only 1gb Ram in my pc.
    pls help how can i use it?

  11. Bro, if Bluestack is not working for you then try Youwave. if might work :)

  12. lot of thanxxx share gri8 info

  13. Hello pawan

    Try to download this offline installer and try re-installing it. it will work fine –> http://goo.gl/o6FS3d

  14. Dear brother I have this message

    Error 25000. BlueStacks currently doesn’t recognnize your graphics card.
    It is possible your Graphics Drivers may need to be updated. Please
    update them and try installing again.

    What should I do ??????

  15. Anonymous says:

    I am planning to buy nokia lumia 720,which is windows 8,the only thing stopping me is android apps for games,etc,pls help, i want all the features of android on windows,is that possible?

  16. can i install an app which we have created in this emulator………if so can anyone pls help me

  17. can i install a app in this emmulator as in android mobile

  18. Hey Akhila,

    Yes you can install any Android application, no matter where you created it! As you know Android apps will have .apk extension, all the files with .apk extension can be installed without any problem :)

    Keep visiting !

  19. Hey Sumon sorry for the late reply !

    coming to your question, may be your graphic is not compatible. Upgrade them to latest version. Though i am using NIVIDA 512 MB graphic card its working fine for me on my windows 8.

  20. You cant install Android Apps on Windows mobile! but you can install them on your Windows PC using the above mentioned ways !

  21. yeah !
    you can :)

  22. You are welcome :)

  23. Perfect app…thanx for posting,Siso

  24. bro…bluestack is nt installing on my pc win8…its showing an error i.e your theme subsystem theme(uxtheme.dll and themeui.dll is tampered with)uxstyle requires to be restored before u can continue…plz help me bro…

  25. Bro, seems your dll file are missing, Search for that error and dll’s download them and replace those dll’s back. I guess your problem will be solved.

  26. bro its telling as you doont have xp sp3 wats it

  27. hey pranav,

    Which operating system are you using ? and Whats the configuration of your graphic card ?

  28. hey sisi,

    You are welcome and Thanks for your comment !

  29. can i run all android games….

  30. hi sai
    i have installed bluestaks on my pc but google play is not installed what can i do??

  31. Please help me

  32. hi
    i hv installed whatsapp but unable to add contacts please help..

  33. I haven’t tried before with YouWave and Android Installer. Just now I came to know that Android apps can also be played on PC using other applications than BlueStacks emulator. Worth sharing with my circle. Thanks Charan!

  34. Anonymous says:

    that’s a fine app thanks regards from morocco

  35. I m usng Lumia 520 i downloaded the bluestacks file(8.8mb)file in my phone then what to do plz guide me

  36. Anonymous says:

    This is an android emulator in which you cannot install google play instead you can use another such market which is by default available in every bluestacks application.


  37. Hey JiJo,

    This post is about Installing Android Apps on your Windows PC not on your mobile.

  38. Hey Morocco,

    You are welcome mate :)

  39. Hey Vivek !

    Thanks for your comment, Keep visiting

  40. Hey Nilanjana,

    There are many Android application which will allow you to manage Contacts, Just search for them and install.

  41. yeah !
    Tell me How can i help you ?

  42. Anonymous says:

    Bluestacks is not working if you have Bitdefender Antivirus. Just to know !!!

  43. Anonymous says:

    hey brother,
    can i get this bluestacky thing installed on a win xp platform ?

  44. I’ve installed bluestacks and installed whatsapp in it. Its not working

  45. how to upgrade?

  46. thanks it’s really awesome

  47. can i also use blustack for my windows phone? is there any apps that can make andriod apps to work on windos phone?

  48. how to use your 2 way to play android games in pc ? :ADMIN

  49. i tried installing this on the surface pro but it says that this app cant run on your PC. What do i do?

  50. bluestack is not working on window 8 64 bit…………….help

  51. Hello,

    It will work fine ! Try it again or it might be problem with your Graphic card :)

  52. Thank you !
    Keep visiting :)

  53. Anonymous says:

    Is there anyway to run candy crush saga on windows phone Lumia 1520

  54. Anonymous says:

    Is tere anyway to run candy crush saga on my Lumia 1520

  55. HI SAI..

  56. will this work with windo

  57. hai i’m using windows 8… but i can’t able to install bluestack… plz help me

  58. Whats the error that you are getting now ?

  59. yeah bro it will work fine 😀

  60. Not use about your Graphic card, But this is working fine on the NIVIDA Graphic cards :)

  61. bro bluestack is fine. Cant youwave be downloaded for free?

  62. Anonymous says:

    Buddy,is there any way to install android apps on lumia 920? Pls help

  63. Hey i have no graphic card so how can i install bluestack without any graphic card

  64. Anonymous says:

    bluestacks not opening on my window8 laptop

  65. hello Sai,..
    i have a problem when i install bluestacks..
    its say “installer stooped working”..
    can u help me fix my problem..
    Thx before..

  66. hi sai charan, can I install bluestacks on my nokia lumia n use android apps?
    do reply plz

  67. Can BBM for android be installed using Bluestack emulator

  68. Bluestacks not working
    when i open it, automatically closes (just blinks).

  69. it is showing this error (c:UsersV183C~1.KiSAppDataLocalTempMSI26873.LOG)
    pls help me my mail id :srikanthgoud321@gmail.com

  70. i also use windows 8 64 bit…..but i can,t even start

  71. hello am installing bluestack on my laptop window8 but its not completing its installations.

  72. hai, i am installed blue stack on my windows 8, it shows update ur graphics card,,but my graphis are already up to date, what i do bro?

  73. Anonymous says:

    its says amd drivers hav stoped working

  74. hello, i cant play Ragnarok Valkyrie using this blue stack. its say not support.. plzzz help me.

  75. Sai Charan sorry for this comment.

    Ohhh Lord, people what’s wrong. Please read comments u guys asking the same question about it 100 times. Bluestack can be used with any Windows OS XP or higher not Windows Phone. Because windows phones doesn’t have enough memory. Search YouTube if your have problems with installation.

    I like http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html doesnt loads memory tooo much. :)

    Good luck.

  76. Re install drivers from amd

  77. Make sure you have correct apk file search on google (apk decompiler) and download from google play

  78. Reinstall java from java.com

  79. Please read previous comments. Exe files cannot be run on window phones

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