How to remove write protection from Pen Drive in windows 8

Recently one of our readers mailed me regarding, removing the write protection from the pen drive. So I thought to make a post on it, actually there are many working ways and methods in which you can do this, here in this post I am listing out all the working methods to remove write protection from the pen drive, check them one after another and you can easily do it.Normally when a Pen drive is write protected it will show an error something like this when you try to write your pen drive.



1. Editing the Registries to Remove write protection from USB drive 

Follow the steps one after another to more write protection from the Pen drive.

1. Press CTRL + R to open the RUN box,
2. Type REGEDIT and hit enter
3. Navigate to
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Control > StorageDevicePolicies
and hit enter.
4. Give a double click on the WRITE PROTECT and a box will open in that enter the Value as 0 and press OK button
5. Now restart your PC and again connect your USB pen drive to your computer and verify.
That’s it hopefully it will work.

Note: – In case you can’t find the “StorageDevicesPolicies” in the Registry settings follow the steps below
1. Open your Notepad and copy the below code to it

reg add “HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetControlStorageDevicePolicies” /t Reg_dword /v WriteProtect /f /d 1
2. Now save this as add.bat (it should be with .bat extension or else it won’t work) and run it.
3. Now continue the above process and it will work fine.

2. Formatting the Pen drive before OS boots to Remove Write protection

Follow the below steps carefully to remove write protection from the USB storage drives

1. Shut down your PC/LAPTOP
2. Connect your USB drive to your PC/LAPTOP and turn it ON. While the system is booting pres F8 continuously and advanced booting option screen will open.
3. In that select Safe mode with command prompt.
4.  After the files loads, in the command prompt navigate to the drive of your pen drive.
At first it will look something like this C:windowssystem32>
now let your drive letter is “H”. Then you have to type C:windowssystem32>H:
and hit enter
5. Now type
H:>format H:
it will again ask you for confirmation of Yes or No (Y/N). Type Y and hit Enter.

By doing this your pen drive will get completely formatted, which will remove the write protection from it.

3. Using Command prompt to remove Write protection from Sandisk pen-drive

Follow the below mentioned steps to remove write protection from the PEN DRIVES

1. Press CTRL + R and open the RUN box.

2. Type CMD to open the command prompt window
3. In the command prompt type DISKPART and hit enter
4.  A new command window will open, in that again type LIST DISK and hit Enter
5. Now again type “Attributes disk clear read-only” and hit enter

You can even try this method to format your Pen drive completely and remove write protection from it.

4. Formatting the Pen Drive to Remove write protection from the pen drive

Here is the step by step procedure to remove the write protection from the pen drive

1. Open your desktop and give a Right click on the MY COMPUTER icon and select MANAGE from the list.
2. From the left panel select the DISK MANAGEMENT under STORAGE
3. Now give a Right click on our Pen drive and select format from it.
4. Conform it by clicking again on the YES and finally click OK to format

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all the above methods are tested on Pen drives from all the branded companies and they are working perfectly. If all the above mentioned methods don’t work for you before leaving a comment check each and every step carefully. If you face any problem still with your problem just post your Pen drive company/model along with error you are getting so that we can assist you.

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  1. Excellent post,

    since one of my pendrive is also write protected and i should remove that protection to get access to it.

    thanks for the awesome post.

  2. mine is SANDISK 8 gb pendrive .i have tried all the methods… in second method even i press f8,i got normal booting .all other methods are failures. there is virus in my pendrive and it is write protected. please mail me in a detailed manner if any other method available. my mail id is

  3. Thank you !!
    Glad that this post helped you,
    Keep visiting for few more interesting posts

  4. Have you Tried the 4 th method ???
    Try it once Hope it will work for your pendrive :)

  5. how to select a disk in command prompt!!??? pls do help

  6. i tried all methods but no luck please help me bro

  7. Hey Amar,

    Let me know your pen drive model ?

  8. Is there any way of removing write protected by formatting the pendrive but the data doesnt get lost?
    i tried the storagecontrol policies method and its not working.

  9. i tried all above methods but no avail. Mine is 16 GB Sandisk Cruser Blade. please help me if possible.


  10. You made a big misteke in method1. The valuse you told to wirte in notepad. You wrote 1. But that will 0. This cause me suffer today.

  11. After saving the above notepad code by using the name add.bat ,,,,,,,they not show any storege device police on my regedit,,,,please help me…

  12. hi there

    Mine is microsoft’s os key of 16 gb.
    kindly help to get this formated and to use like a simple media.

  13. i have tried every given methods. but still faceing the same.

    kindly help

  14. Anonymous says:

    mine is 8 gb moserbaer and I have tried all the 4 methods but it still is write protected
    help me

  15. my pendrive is sandisk 8gb.and i do all methods but no usuful

  16. generic flash disk usb device

  17. generic usb device

  18. hi i do all the process but still problem not resolve …can u plz provide and other method

  19. My pendrive is of 16gb sandisk and it is write protected i have tried all the method you have given below please help me if any other method mail me at

  20. I tried all methods but my pen drive is write protected, my pen drive model is sandisk 16 GB pz help…

  21. in the first method where to add the file… i’m not getting pls help the 3rd one worked out for me thanks for that :)

  22. I am not getting storagedevicepolicies

  23. me2 also cant format my pendrive,OS-windows 8.1,pendrive type transcend 8gb

  24. I tried all but
    not formatting..plz help

  25. Kader P.V says:

    Thanks a lot Sai.It worked very well.

  26. Great to read this tips about removing read only property. its very helpful for me to remove my pendrives read only option.

  27. All my three disks are suddenly write protected. Please help

  28. there is no StorageDevicePolicies folder…. what now?? windows 8

  29. My pendrive is kingston 16gb if i try to format it through hp formater but it displays media is write protected in window 8 , and i format directly but it shows try to search for read only pendrive help me

  30. To the people asking “what to do if there is no storagedevicepolicies key/folder listed” – the instructions above state what you should do, i am copying directly from the instructions above, please read in future.

    Note: – In case you can’t find the “StorageDevicesPolicies” in the Registry settings follow the steps below
    1. Open your Notepad and copy the below code to it

    reg add “HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetControlStorageDevicePolicies” /t Reg_dword /v WriteProtect /f /d 1
    2. Now save this as add.bat (it should be with .bat extension or else it won’t work) and run it.
    3. Now continue the above process and it will work fine.

  31. there is no StorageDevicePolicies folder…. what now?? windows 8

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